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2 Day Private Pilot Test Prep Course 

Safety Through Knowledge....

...is the Hallmark of flight training at JustFly!  Having a solid foundation in "ground" knowledge is essential to a proficient pilot when making good decisions in the air.   The Instructors at JustFly! have a combined total of 12,000 hours of flight experience.  We also have a solid first-time pass rate for our students. We share this experience in our Private Pilot Test Prep Course.  


About the Private Pilot Knowledge Test

The Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test is 60 questions from a bank of 900 questions.  You must have your instructors endorsement in your logbook to sit for your written test. You have an allotted time of 2.5 hours to complete the test and a passing score is 70%.  

JustFly Offers

  • Knowledgeable Instructors.
  •  FAA Test Center On-Site.
  • Small Groups:  Personalized attention.
  • Computer Based Prepware Study Programs Available.
  • Computer Based Prepware Practice Tests Available.
  • Pointers on How Questions are Presented.
  • Classes are conducted whether we have one or ten students participating.


Next  2 Day Private Pilot Test Prep Date December 6th and 7th, 2014

  • This course is offered one weekend a month, and dates are posted 4 weeks in advance.
  • The 2 Day  Ground School Prep course  is $379.00 and is prepaid. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
  • Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail from JustFly!, along with an information request  so we may focus on your specific training needs. 
  • Class is 9:00  to 5:00 on Saturday, and 9:00 to 4:00 on Sunday.  There is a one hour break for lunch. 
  • Registration for the 2 Day Private Pilot  Test Prep Course allows you access to our Prepware for study and practice testing during Lone Star Aviation Testing Center hours.
  • If you fail to receive a passing score on your first written test, you may return for the next 2 Day Ground School Prep Course at no charge.


  • *Lone Star Aviation Testing Center Houston/Conroe is a division of JustFly! Flight Training.







Be Prepared

This is more than a Boy Scout motto it is how a person creates his or her own success.  This is especially true in aviation.  For every hour you spend in the airplane learning to fly, you should spend 3 to 4 hours studying.

Ground school training at JustFly coincides with the in flight training you receive.  Getting this training is essential to being a safe and proficient pilot and provides a foundation for good decision making skills..   

There a many ways to gain the information needed to pass your written test and ultimately your Practical test with the DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner).  Some flight schools offer ground school courses. There are on- line courses, DVD video classes,and self study.  Of all of these the least effective is self study.  If you choose to self study, your flight instructor should be conducting progress checks through out your training.   If he is not, you have the wrong instructor, and your money is being wasted. 

Remember: Your ultimate goal is to fly safely.  A firm understanding of aerodynamics, airport operations, navigation, meteorology, federal regulation, etc. will make you a safe pilot  for yourself and the people who fly with you.



 FAA Airman Knowledge Testing available at Lone Star Flight Training's


 'Lone Star Aviation Testing Cente


 5052 Central Parkway, Hangar #16

 Conroe North Houston Airport, Conroe ,TX 77303

832-721-3158  justfly.hou@att.net 


Also offered are tests for the FCC and IA.


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