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A & P Test Prep Program Houston/Conroe

Our FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) AMT Program:

is for individuals who meet the aviation experience requirement and have their sign-off, or can get their sign-off from the Federal Aviation Administration.  The sign-off is on a Form 8610-2.  This form authorizes you to be administered the computer written exams and the oral and practical Airframe and Powerplant tests.  Without this form, no test will be given.  

Our school will prepare you for the three computer examinations: General, Airframe and Powerplant.  This will include personal instruction, watching instructional videos and reviewing questions by taking practice exams.

Upon satisfactorily completing the three computer tests, you will be provided the JustFly oral exam guide which contains examples of the questions you will be given on your oral exam.  We will review the FARs for AMT, Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS), airworthiness directives (ADs), and complete a FAA Form 337.  We will discuss your privileges and limitations per the FAR 65-81. 

Now you are ready for the final step, your oral and practical examinations. The oral and practical for Airframe and Powerplant must last a minimum of 8 hours.  A single rating for either th Airframe or Powerplant will take a minimum of 4 hours each.

After passing your Airframe or Powerplant exam you will be issued a Temporary Airframe & Powerplant Mechanical Certificate from your A&P examiner.  This temporary certificate is good for 120 days.  This allows the paperwork to be routed to the FAA in Oklahoma City, OK, where it is processed and in turn they will send you your FAA Mechanical Certification.




A&P test prep airframe powerplant general houston conroe

A&P Test Prep Houston/Conroe

  • Located in the JustFly! Flight             Training facility
  • Classes held Daily
  • Your class begins upon your           arrival. Call for a start date.
  • Course materials are provided
  • FAA Testing Center on-site
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Give yourself time to focus               without interruptions.
  • A&P mechanic on staff
  • ‚Äčwww.FAAtestcenterhouston

A&P test prep airframe powerplant general FAA houstton Conroe TX


 FAA Airman Knowledge Testing available at Lone Star Flight Training's


 'Lone Star Aviation Testing Cente


 5052 Central Parkway, Hangar #16

 Conroe North Houston Airport, Conroe ,TX 77303

832-721-3158  justfly.hou@att.net 


Also offered are tests for the FCC and IA.


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