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Discovery Flights



Introductory Flight $99

Choosing an instructor and a flight school becomes less of a mystery when you actually fly the airplane you will be training in, seated next to your instructor.  This "one on one" abbreviated flight lesson introduces you to basic flying maneuvers such as straight and level, turns, slow flight and yes, stalls.  After our pre-flight briefing, you and your instructor will takeoff to our practice area where you will be able to take control of the aircraft and begin your flight training.  This flight can be logged in your pilot log book and count towards future flight training.  Designed for the prospective flight student, this flight is limited to one person. 

This flight is approximately 45 minutes in length. 


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Top View: Lake Conroe
Middle View: CXO Airport 

Discovery Flights

Most aviators have dreamed of flying ever since they could point and say "airplane". If you know this type of enthusiast a discovery flight may be the introduction into flight training you are looking for.


 FAA Airman Knowledge Testing available at Lone Star Flight Training's


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 Conroe North Houston Airport, Conroe ,TX 77303

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Also offered are tests for the FCC and IA.


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