Lone Star

Flight Training

Lone Star  Flight Training Pricing

The first two questions a flight school are asked regarding flight lessons are: "How much does it cost and how long does it take?"

Many flight schools will ask for money down, ask you to sit through hours of training videos to pass a test and provide minimal in the air training. These type of flight schools frequently use flight instructors who are building flight hours to move on to airline jobs.  As long as you are flying they are getting closer to their goal.

Our response is, "What do you want to get out of your training?

We flight train to provide the knowledge skills and experience required for safe flight beginning with your first flight and for the future flights  you will enjoy with family and friends and all your new destinations. 

All we do is flight training.  With a solid aviation background our instructor will share his experience to answer the "why and the how" of flying to providing you fuller understanding and the knowledge that provides that extra level of decision making skill.

The pace of your training (and cost) is primarily up to the student. This includes frequency of flight, being prepared and in the mindset for your lesson and your personal aptitude and skill level. 

No up front or down payment

Instructor $50 per hour

Aircraft Rental $95 dry

Fuel as burned at current price

Ground Instruction $50 per hour

Our aircraft are exclusively used for flight instruction for our students. We do not rent to the general public. No other instructors are allowed to offer flight training in our aircraft.