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Ground Training 

Safety Through Knowledge

As a student pilot it is very exciting to hear your instructor say, "Let's go flying."  After all, getting in the air is the reason you started flight training.

All too often a student pilot will opt for the flight school which will put him/her in the cockpit every time they come in for a lesson. The expectation is that you will learn essencial practical ground knowledge by taking their group classes, pick up an on-line course, or purchase a video library. 

At JustFly! we know these facts to be true:

  • The cockpit makes a very expensive classroom.
  • You need to learn more than just what it takes to pass a test.
  • Experience is a key component to finding the right flight instructor.
  • You probably won't watch all 18 hours of the training videos.
  • You can't learn everything in a weekend course.
  • Knowledge increases your safety.

At JustFly! knowledge in flight training begins on the ground and is applied to your flight training experience.  Each lesson will begin by covering in the classroom the objective you will be practicing in the air.  This preparation will maximize the hands on experience.  Aerodynamics, weather, airport operations, navigation, flight planning, recovery from unusual attitudes, weight and balance are examples of a some of the segments you will cover.

Our goal is to make your knowledge and reactions second nature much like using a shift stick or using the break in your car. We train to the proficient pilot, not the test.

Before you can take your FAA checkride with a designated pilot examiner, you must take and pass (70 percent or better) an FAA Airman Knowledge Test at an approved testing site.



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The Student Must Commit

  • Be medically fit
  • Study the required material prior to a lesson, and review it afterward.
  • Set simple goals.  First focus on soloing.
  • Be on time and mentally prepared for your lesson.
  • Write down questions to discuss with your instructor.
  • Do not fly under personal pressure or illness.
  • Have a good command of the English language.
  • Realize that there is a learning curve.
  • Respect your instructors abilities.  His desire is to see you succeed.
  • Assess after several lessons if you enjoy flying.  If not, do not continue.



 FAA Airman Knowledge Testing available at Lone Star Flight Training's


 'Lone Star Aviation Testing Cente


 5052 Central Parkway, Hangar #16

 Conroe North Houston Airport, Conroe ,TX 77303

832-721-3158  justfly.hou@att.net 


Also offered are tests for the FCC and IA.


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