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A&P and IA Test Prep Program Cost

Test Prep Program Cost

A&P Rating.........................................$1,349.00

Includes computer written test training, books and materials and three FAA Written Exams (General, Airframe and Powerplant).  The Oral and Practical fee is not included.*


A or P Rating.........................................$995.00

Includes computer written test training, books and materials and two written computer exams.  The Oral and Practical fee is not included.*


Add-on Rating.........................................$595.00

If you currently have one rating and would like another, this includes computer written test training and the written exam.   The Oral and Practical fee is not  included.*

If you have completed all three written exams and just need to prepare for the oral and practical the cost will be $949.00


The length of the course will vary with the applicants experience, background and skill set. You can plan on 7 to 10 days for the three written tests and 7 to 10 days to prepare for the Oral and Practical Exams. Some take more, others have taken less.  Breaks in test prepping are discouraged as attendance availability varies with our schedule, not yours. 


*You may start any day of the week.  Please call to schedule your start date or testing date.  This service is not available on Sundays. 

*FAA Designated Maintenance Examiner fee is separate.

*Supplemental Instruction is available at an extra cost.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Tuition and Refunds

We require half of the tuition payment for your course to reserve your placement on our schedule.  The remainder of the A&P and IA test prep cost is to be paid in full before beginning the course including financing through Survcredit. There is no refund given once the test prep program has begun.

Any unexcused absences or more than two absences in a single week may result in removal from the program with no refund given. Any off premise or home study during normal business hours without permission will be considered an absence and removal from the program with no refund.

Should you fail the initial written tests you will have two years to return to complete the retest and course.  Retesting will require payment for the additional test(s). 

A&P Test Prep Guarantee

Our goal is to have you pass your Written and Oral and Practical tests through proper preparation on the first attempt.  If you do not pass any of these tests, you may participate in the A&P Test Prep program at no charge for up to one year.

You are responsible for retesting fees for the written, oral or practical exams.

Why is our program so much less?

We work with you to pass your written tests the first time you take them.  Other A&P and IA schools may add the price of a second test automatically to the price of their tuition.  That cost is an additional $500, which if you pass your tests the first time will go right into their pocket as added profit.  We only charge you for the first test you take and will charge you only if you do not pass and have to take a second test. .  Our goal is for you to pass your test the first time.

Requirements to participate in the A&P Test Prep Program

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

Have a FAA Form 8610-2 signed off by the FAA.

Pass all required tests within a period of 24 months. 

Requirements for the Authorized Inspector:

A signed FAA Form 8610-1 by the FAA.

Interested in financing you’re A&P Test Prep course or I.A. course?

Lone Star Flight and Testing Center can offer financing for you course, examiner fee and expenses (A&P) or your course and expenses for the I.A. program through Survcredit.

To see if you qualify, Click Here.

Once you've qualify contact Lone Star Flight and Test Center to schedule.

Cost of our IA program is $649.00 (includes test)