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Lone Star's Introduction to Flight Training

(Our Introductory flights has been discontinued)

Introductory or Discovery Flight

Choosing a flight instructor and a flight school becomes less of a mystery when you actually fly the airplane in which you will be training sitting next to your instructor.  This "one on one" abbreviated flight lesson introduces you to basic flying maneuvers such as straight and level, turns, slow flight and yes, stalls. After our pre-flight briefing, you and your instructor will begin your flight by introducing you to the cockpit, how to taxi, listen to your instructor communicate with the tower and take off to our practice area where you will be able to take control of the aircraft and begin your in-flight training.  This flight can be logged in your pilot log book available for purchase and count towards future flight training.

During our pre-flight briefing we will review safety rules for your introductory flight, discuss our flight course and answer all the questions you may have regarding beginning your flight training including pricing, scheduling and details on how to get started flight training. If you are flying just to experience flying in a small aircraft, we can do that too.  

Our Introduction to flight training flights are designed for the prospective flight student. This flight is limited to one person. 

The flight is approximately 40 minutes in length in the cockpit. 

Click here to purchase your flight.  

Most purchases are received and processed the same business day if purchased before 3:30 p.m. 

Our minimum age for an Introductory flight is 15

Weight limits apply and vary with aircraft.

For your safety, we reserve the right to reschedule your flight for weather or maintenance concerns. 

Cancellations or failure to show for a scheduled flight will result in the forfeit of your purchase with no refund to be given. 

Gift certificates are valid for 30 days.  Refunds are only offered within 7 days of purchase date. 

Be sure to bring your camera phone.  You will want to post your pictures on your social media page