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Lone Star Private Pilot Training

We are conveniently located in Conroe, Texas, just north of Houston at KCXO, Conroe North Houston Airport. 

At Lone Star Flight Training all training is conducted one on one between you and your instructor.  In this way, the instructor will be able to focus on your strengths as a student pilot and develop areas to increase your confidence and safety. This allows you to train at your pace whether you fly five days a week or only once a week.

If your goal is to fly for the airlines or for personal enjoyment it all starts with a private pilots license. 

A Minimum of 40 Flight Hours

Flight schools will tell you that you can get your private pilots licence in just 40 hours. 

According to the FAA and AOPA the national average is currently 65 to 70 hours of flight time to become a safe and proficient pilot. You are the determining factor. This is based on frequency of flights, practice and study at home and personal aptitude.

Frequency also affects your cost.  Just like sports or music, the more often you practice the easier it gets and the less expensive it becomes.   If cost is an issue we say fly at your pace and enjoy the process. 

Private Pilot Flight Training Minimums per FARs

Fly at lease 20 hours with a flight instructor.

10 hours of solo flight in the area of operations.

3 hours of night flight training

10 takeoffs and landings to a full stop

3 hours of cross country training

3 hours of control and maneuvering of an aircraft in reference to instruments. (Actual or simulated).

10 hours of solo flight including: 

5 hours of solo cross country flight

1 150 nm cross country flight with stops at three different airports, one segment being at least 50+ nm. 

3 take offs and landings at a control towered airport. 3 hours of flight training in preparation for the practical test.

Lone Star Flight Training 5052 Central Parkway Hangar #16  Conroe, TX 77303   832-721-3158 Just North of Houston TX