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Lone Star Frequently Asked Questions


How Much does it Cost

At Lone Star Flight Training the cost of a flight hour is around $183.00*.  The FAR-AIM states that a person who applies for a private pilot certificate for single engine must log at least 40 in-flight hours.  The cost of this minimum 40 hour requirement will average $6000.00.  The national average for a new pilot to reach proficiency is 65 to 70 hours of flight training time.  (FAA Student Pilot Guide).  See page 2)  

Your training time  and cost will be affected by your frequency of flight, the quantity of time you put into study and review, and your personal aptitude.  The cost of 70 hours of instruction may cost $10,000.00 TO 12,00.00 if you are flying 3 to 4 times a week. If you fly once a week or less frequently it may cost more. Repetition is the key factor for reducing your cost of flight training. If your monthly budget can't manage this out of pocket cost, fly once a week. and enjoy the process. It makes a great get away from it all activity and you will be working on getting your license.

We know flight training is expensive.  Our goal at Lone Star is to train to your safety and proficiency at your pace at minimal cost to you.

How do I pay?

Payment is to be received at the end of each lesson. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, personal checks and cash.

We offer financing through Pilot Finance Inc.  This payment method ensures your flight training is covered financially with a monthly payment similar to a car loan.

How long will It Take?

Again, you are the deciding factor here.  We recommend that a student pilot fly two to three times per week for maximum proficiency.  If you fly once a week, based on the minimum of 40 flight hours required by the FAA, it will take you 40 weeks to complete all phases of your flight training.

Now consider the national average of 65 to 70 hours to become a proficient pilot, your work schedule, family obligations, holidays, sick days, and the weather.  You may be looking at 8 months to a year to complete your training.

Our unique position is to accommodate your schedule and flight training needs.  Whether you fly twice a month or five days a week, we can accommodate you.       

This is a new experience that only 1% of the population has achieved.  We say,enjoy the process.  It is an awesome experience.

What About Ground Training?

Ground training at Lone Star is incorporated into the flight training process.  Ground training covers aerodynamics, airport operations, flight planning, weather, and decision making skills. You will read about a subject, attend a ground lesson to review the subject and then apply this knowledge in flight. This process develops strong mental and physical habits that may prevent an incident by allowing you to react quickly and accurately when faced with a challenging situation. 

Knowledge in flight training begins on the ground and is applied to your in-flight training experience.  Each lesson will begin in the classroom covering the objective you will be practicing in the air.  This preparation will maximize the hands on experience.  Aerodynamics, weather, airport operations, navigation, flight planning, recovery from unusual attitudes, weight and balance are examples of a some of the segments you will cover. 

What Can I Do With a Private Pilot's License?

A Private Pilot License allows you to fly a single engine aircraft in VFR or clear conditions day or night.  You may own or rent an airplane.  You may carry passengers, but not for compensation.

Am I suited for Flying and Flight Training?

Prior to your investment in flight training we suggest you review any health concerns.  In order to solo an aircraft you must obtain a Class III Medical Certificate which will act as your student pilot license. This is done through a AME or Aviation Medical Examiner.  This small step will give you a green light to your new adventure in flying.

Are There Age Restrictions?

A student pilot must be 16 years of age to solo an aircraft and 17 to become a pilot.  There is no age restriction for seasoned adults.  Flight reviews and medical compliance are required. 

Many parents are enthusiastic to find an interest or career path for their children, and it is not unusual for us to discuss flight training for children who are 12,13, or 14 years of age.

Here is some common sense feedback:

An endeavor which is started by a child which is beyond their capacity will become a negative experience.

If they are not this tall...they can't ride.

We know your child is exceptional, but we have adults who struggle with some of the concepts such as angle of attack, angle of incident and Bernoulli's Principle.

If you wouldn't let them drive down I-45 in rush hour traffic, they probably are not ready to flight train.

We will not train any child when flying becomes a part of a reward system.  ("If you get good grades you may fly this Saturday.")

Price and Value

The cost of flight training is frequently the first question asked by a new student. Most flight schools are comparably priced however for most people this may be a determining factor for going forward with a particular flight school.

Keep in mind the price plays a minor role in your final selection of flight schools.  

Keep the following factors in mind:

The experience of your instructor. Is he a time builder, or focused on giving you quality instruction?

Quality of the aircraft.  No INOP instruments, regular maintenance, and clean inside.  Carpet clean and trash removed is a good indication that 50 and 100 hour inspections are in compliance.

Method of payment.  Do they require a large down payment , or is it pay as you train?

How is ground training conducted?  Unless you are a self-starter, a classroom setting may  provide better understanding than just reading, videos or a weekend cram course.

Scheduling availability of your aircraft and instructor.  Does it suit your needs?

Will you be charged from when you walk in the door, or only interaction time?

Are you required to purchase all your supplies and headset upfront, or as you need it?

Lone Star Flight Training offers a highly experienced instructor, with major airline experience.  Flight training is all we do.  We are not building flight hours to fly the big shiny jets. We will be here to finish your training to become a pilot.  We are a pay as you train flight school and require no major down payment and charge only for interaction time.  Our schedule is first come- first serve and has worked well since 2003. 

 *Prices listed are an estimate only.  Prices may increase without notice. Please call for information on current prices,  We would love to discuss your flight training.