Lone Star

Flight Training

Inspection Authorization at Lone Star

Inspection Authorization Qualifications:

*Must have held an A&P rating for a period of three  years.

*Must have been actively engaged in aircraft    maintenance for two years prior to applying for the  testing.

*Must have a signed 8610-1 from your local FSDO.

*You must have valid identification with photo,      current address and signature.

*If you are retaking the test we will need the AKTR   Airmen's Knowledge Test Report copy.

Our course begins every Monday, except for weeks where Monday is a major holiday.  The 5 day course concludes on Friday with the written exam. If you need an extra day on Saturday, we can be here for you.

Our goal is for you to pass this test the first time. If you do not pass the written test, you may take our course again at no charge for up to two years, with the exception of the FAA/PSI testing fee of $173.00.  You may see more information about our test facility on our FAA testing page.

We are an authorized FAA testing center which can administer the IA test following the course.  There is no additional charge for the first IA written exam.

Cost of our IA program is $674.00 (includes test) 

To schedule your seat we require 50% down and the rest of your payment upon arrival. This may be paid by cash or credit card.  We do not accept checks for this service.  To set up your course, please call Lone Star Flight Training at 832-721-3158.  We look forward to working with you.


IA Test Prep Houston and Conroe

The Lone Star Flight Training facility is located at Conroe North Houston Airport, classes begin on Monday and conclude on Friday with the IA written exam.   

    • Your class begins upon your arrival. Please call for a start date. 
      • Our knowledgeable instructor can assist you with the Federal regulations, Type Certificate Data Sheets, AC43-13-1B and more. 
    • If you need a place to stay, we can provide you assistance.

    • Come in and give yourself time to focus without interruptions. Yes it is challenging but we will help you through it.