Lone Star

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We are off of Runway 1 and 19

Taxiway C

We have a tie down space available for after hours

Weight and Balance Service

Have you ever wondered what the actual weight of your airplane is? 

Stop guessing because we can weigh your general aviation airplane; such as single engine, multi-engine and other type airplanes under 12,500 lbs. (NO helicopters) by using certified and calibrated scales from USA Measurements.

We will need is your current aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook, your airplane logbook, a current weight and balance form, the current aircraft weight including the equipment list and your aircraft specifications found in your maintenance manual.

Items not listed on the Type Data Certificate Sheet such as headphones, cleaning materials, and personal items will have to be removed before weighing. The weighing process will be inside a hangar from a FAA certified mechanic.

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